Šťastná Mysl Víra * Odvaha * Naděje

TOP package – 24 sessions – 40.000,-

  • In general, this package is for people who want to dramatically change their lives,
  • deeper transformation and change of life or lifestyle,
  • solution progress and progress in your goals,
  • 2x Resume, so-called AHA moments, milestones + certificate of completion.


  • Includes BASIC package:
    • we will proceed in the same way as in the 12-hour cycle, but we have more time to change from the beginning.
      • Ability to target and any area:
        • working X personal life,
          • work – career, growth, education, leadership,
          • personal life – partnership, relationships, lifestyle, physical activities.
  • Setting goals and setting strategies to achieve them.
  • Set change of thinking.
  • Identify and work with vices and incorrect habits.
  • Changing the view of your world/life.
  • Anchoring changes and new programs.
  • Working with the mind, soul and body.

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