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The coaching or if you want – train your mind is here for you who want to work on yourself and want to constantly look for ahead. 

I work on a so-called Results coaching system that is focused on results, goals and goal targeting. I profess myself the best Kaizen method and practice on the basis of neuroscience.

It takes 21 days of constant repetition to gain a habit. Now I heard 66 days. From my point of view and according to my life experiences          3 months or more before I anchored the new habit and I felt more comfortable in it.

You will have time to get rid of old bad habits and save new ones. You can change the current situation or move where you want. It depends how you feel it and how far you are willing to work on yourself, whatever you want to change. The results of the future are proportional to your work, your energy.

I’ll help you:

  • Find the right path to your goal.
  • Get rid of bad habits.
  • Set up new and more appropriate habits.
  • Change mind settings.
  • Talk about change of work.
  • Think about your life mission.
  • Overall I can help you with personal / business / career issues.
  • Gain courage and confidence in your work.

For whom coaching is suitable?

For you if you want to change your life, know more yourself. If you want to do more effective your activities, if you want to really find yourself. Tend to your dreams, goals and discover your potential. You may have lost the meaning of your life or a zest for its other parts. You may already be in a danger of burnout and you don’t like anything, or what you do doesn’t make sense. Maybe you want to improve your financial situation, work or partnership?

What can I get?

Greater self-knowledge, self-confidence, self-esteem, overall improvement in self-management. Order, discipline, improvements of time-management. Deeper knowledge of oneself. Pushing the boundaries of your mind. It is very individual, but the benefits are great,                resp. directly proportional to the work and energy you will spend for.

What do I guarantee?

I will listen to you empathically, see what is behind the words. You will not come to me just to “pay the bill”, but for a new self-awareness. For a better understanding of your life. It is important to see it from a higher perspective, from the top and thus clarify the current situation.

Your success is my success for me and I will do everything possible to get the most out of our sessions. But a lot of work and effort will be on your side and how close you let me inside.

I have a lot of life experience and I always bet on personal experience, I had to try everything at first hand. This has laid me down many times, but it has taught me, for example, that mistakes are human and that we learn from mistakes that are essentially our means of personal growth and development. On the other hand, why make mistakes where there are verified practices.

I work on the basis of neuroscience and spiritual knowledge. Your successful and happy life is based, among the balance between the material and the spiritual world.


Individual consultation
1 hour
  • Can be used as disposable consultations,
  • serves to clarify the current situation,
  • it is possible to discuss the current problem or unresolved topic,
  • designed for individuals and companies.
Basic package
12 sessions
  • Set primary goals,
  • strategy setting,
  • progress of the solution and moving towards the goals you set,
  • resume and so-called AHA moments, milestones + certificate of completion.
TOP package
24 sessions
  • In general, this package is for people who want to dramatically change their lives,
  • deeper transformation and change of life or lifestyle,
  • solution progress and progress in your goals,
  • 2x Resume, so-called AHA moments, milestones + certificate of completion.
5 Tibetans
1 hour
  • Harmonization of major energy centers,
  • strengthening the balance of physical, mental and spiritual power,
  • presentation of individual exercises and control while observing the correct procedure,
  • set up exercise plan and lifestyle options.

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