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Online leadership

Who is leadership online suitable for?

For those who want to change their current situation, their lives. Do you not want to travel and waste time in traffic jams and, on the contrary, do you prefer to work on yourself from the comfort of your home? Have you been thinking about the coaching for a long time, but haven’t found the courage to change something in your life? Now it is the time.

What do I guarantee?

You will move in your thinking. You will get an overview or at least we will look at the problem, pitfall or opportunity from a different point of the view.

Work on yourself, educate yourself, accept, reconcile, remove old wrongs, allow yourself.

You can absolute trust in me. Not only am I bound by the ICF Code of Ethics, but above all it is an absolute matter of course for me. People confide in me about their problems or traumas and they stay with me. In addition, long-trapped pains that manifest themselves on the outside are treated and detached from your energy body and system.

I will guide you through a change in a safe environment and under predetermined conditions. If you feel that it does not give you anything or you do not want to continue, you can request a refund for the services after the second session (in 12 and 24 hours of the package).

Available online guides

spiritual guide
3.000 CZK
1 hour
  • It serves to clarify spiritual issues or at the moment of difficult life decisions,
  • we look at the world from the point of view of cosmic, natural or divine laws,
  • serves to work on oneself from the position of soul and spirit,
  • it is used to open things that have otherwise hurt you in life.
5 tibetans
3.000 CZK
1 hour
  • An ancient technique for rediscovering one’s inner beauty and strength,
  • balances the energy in the body, harmonizes the chakras and stimulates the glands with internal secretion,
  • will help you to improve relationships, “fight” with a crisis in a relationship or in life,
  • a few minutes a day can help you stay fit and fight against civilization diseases.

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