Šťastná Mysl Víra * Odvaha * Naděje

Ignite your spark

Venue: Chata pod hradem – https://www.chatapodhradem.cz/

Guide: Coach and Lecturer Veronika Petrová

What will happen? What will a similar stay help you with?

  • the main component of the stay is the ancient technique of exercising 5 Tibetans
  • we connect beautifully to each other
  • we connect the body, mind, spirit and soul
  • physically and mentally healing – experiential stay
  • I will recommend fasting as much as possible and possibly adjust your lifestyle
  • I recommend a few days of silence
  • drawing a river of life and painting mandalas
  • om chanting
  • group meditation
  • ideally prepare and put away the mobile phone, PC, all electronic devices for a whole week
  • do not take books or anything educational and instructive with you
    awareness of your subconscious programs, patterns of behavior and thinking and their reprogramming
  • mindfulness
    breath of 5 elements and the basics of proper breathing
  • we cleanse our bodies of harmful substances using breathing techniques
    in general developing emotional intelligence – EQ, which is many times more important than IQ
  • we will work with fear, anger, sadness, joy and we will connect or support inner peace
  • building a habit of foresight and emotional freedom

At the same time, individual coaching lessons or personal therapy options are included.

You can buy food here, at the same time I recommend going on a stay with the fact that you will reduce your food and overall it will be more about temperance, when you work with your own will and at the same time you connect more and more deeply with yourself.

Send your applications and any questions to info@stastnamysl.cz. Subsequently, your reservation will be confirmed and further instructions will come.

WARNING: During this week, you may experience major transformative changes and shifts in your life.

Price: 5.000,- CZK (accommodation + program)

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