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Gift vouchers and bracelets

Gift vouchers

Do you looking for the meaning of life or your life´s mission? Do you want to change your thinking, lifestyle or learn more about yourself? Then there is this valuable and meaningful gift for you.

Select one of the “Happy Mind” personal development packages and make yourself or your relatives happy.


I brought these bracelets for you from the spiritual island of Koh Phangan in the south of Thailand. I already thought I’d stay there because it is so beautiful there, the island of my heart! But my family and friends are more for me. Maybe I’ll go back to retirement.

This bracelet is for happiness, love and abundance or for what you put in it. Wish for abundance, then you will receive abundance in your life in every area of your life. Each bracelet has a personal message in the form of the Angel Key.

Price – 199, – CZK + 19, – CZK .

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