Šťastná Mysl Víra * Odvaha * Naděje

Basic package – 12 sessions – price 15.000,- Kč

  • Set primary goals,
  • setting of strategy,
  • progress of the solution and moving towards the goals you set,
  • resume and so-called AHA moments, milestones + certificate of completion.
  • In 12 hours in which we will be together for 3 months we will set the goals based on the “Goal Setting” method according to the Results Coaching System, which is based on neuroscientific knowledge
    about the functioning of the brain and mind.
  • Ability to target any location:
    • work x personal life,
      • work – career, growth, education, leadership,
      • personal life – partnership, relationships, lifestyle, physical activities.
  • Set change of thinking.

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