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About me

I love life and life loves me. From acting and speaking, I got to coaching and lecturing, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I mean to leave TV and theater and work on my way to get here. It was too hard. I didn’t feel my heart for a while. I missed everything a lot and I already thought I would never really start living. That it would never let me go, that I would miss my original profession to death. But the opposite eventually became true, and I fell in love with my journey. I even stopped being stubborn, defiant, and learned to accept life and things as they are. I am proud of myself. It was too hard. Defiance was the hardest program I’ve ever been through. Perhaps he will no longer appear in my life 🙂 …

It’s nice to work on yourself at all. Dissolve what we have learned since we were little. Go through those walls many times and keep trying something new. At any age, in any situation. Just move on. And when life is just hard, get harder and move on, no matter how hard it is. Both up and down. Both inside and outside.

Be here and now. I would start and end at the same time with this simple sentence.


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