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Your happiness and
success is my goal

„Be here and now.“

Veronika Petrová – Life &
Spiritual Coach, lecturer.

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Human mind. What is actually known about it? And where is it located? What is happiness? Success? What is my purpose in life, life mission? What does the energy take away from me? What is my real potential? This is just a few questions I’ve been researching along the way.

The “Happy Mind” project is for you who want to work on you. Who has the courage to look inside and look for a way and a solution.

Are you interested in questions coming from within? Do you want to look at something else, work on yourself, push the boundaries of your mind, or “just” really get to know yourself?

Then this project is just for you, who wants more than today’s modern world gives you.


I´m working according to the Results coaching system, which is focused on results. Goals, strategy, goal-orientation, preferably using the Kaizen method and intuition.

5 Tibetans

This ancient technique of 5 exercises, called rites, comes from Tibetan monks from the monastery. It has amazing effects on your body, mind, spirit and soul.


Life & Spiritual Coach, lecturer

„The moment you calm down to find your inner peace, you will become more attentive and gentle to yourself and to the others.”

Veronika Petrová



Results coaching system

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